LTL (Less-than-truckload), is ideal for smaller and more frequent shipments. If your load isn’t large enough to fill a 48 to the 53-foot trailer, an LTL freight service is a more economical option.

Kodiak provides an efficient LTL freight service that moves your shipment quickly to the destination and maximizes your business productivity. With our LTL freight service, you save time and money. LTL carriers need extensive knowledge of federal regulations for shipping a variety of goods from dry goods to food and beverage and even hazardous materials. Kodiak Transportation has relationships with several carriers specializing in transporting perishable items, liquids, metals, etc. 

With our LTL freight service, we ensure you that your shipment is safe and will be delivered to the correct address without any delays. Our experienced team understands your business objectives and delivers shipments on time to reduce your number of return issues.

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