Heavy-Haul / Flatbed

At Kodiak we know that for a heavy haul, your top priorities are safety, an experienced driver, and equipment in good working-order.

Kodiak ensures you are working with the best in the business when it comes to heavy haul, flatbed, and specialized cargo. Whether it’s multiple trucks for a major project or moving your machinery to the new site, Kodiak will take care of all your logistics and transportation needs from the beginning to the last mile of delivery.

We can provide pole cars, escorts, and ensure routing validity for all your project needs. Quoting an accurate and up to date market rate is important with heavy haul. Kodiak guarantees you have a competitive rate and on-time service.

Kodiak can offer:

  • Flatbed
  • Dropdeck
  • Multi-axle specialized equipment
  • Double Drop
  • Automated tracking
  • RGN
  • Paperwork and invoices

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